Sr. By-Laws

Standard Operating Guidelines and Bylaws


Grainger County Rescue Squad


Standard Operating Guidelines and Bylaws

P. O. Box 1
276 Water Street
Rutledge, TN

Adopted May 16, 2016


Article I


1.    The name of this organization shall be “The Grainger County Volunteer Rescue Squad”, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Henceforth known and referred to as “GCVRS”.

Article II


    The GCVRS is established to organize, maintain, and operate a volunteer emergency and rescue squad for Grainger County, TN and/or such areas or places as the association may consider necessary and proper. It shall also serve to assist other associations and/or organizations in rendering aid, service, or assistance upon the occurrence of any accidents or emergency incident as may be necessary. It is also the duty of the GCVRS to purchase, own, operate, and maintain equipment as may be required to perform any and all acts pursuant to the effective operation of a volunteer rescue squad. Its purpose is to promote lifesaving and first aid and to foster a program of accident prevention throughout Grainger County.

Article III


Section 1

    The membership shall consist of four classes of members: active, inactive, lifetime and honorary. The four classes are described as follows:

A]    Active Members (includes Trainees)

•    Must be at least 18 years of age.
•    In good health.
•    Exhibit good moral behavior.
•    Have a clean driving record with a present MVR report.
•    Possess and maintain a valid Tennessee Operators License.
•    Have and maintain a clean Criminal History record.

Persons seeking membership must be approved by the Membership Committee. A letter shall be sent to the applicant after their application has been reviewed. The letter shall notify the applicant of whether their membership has been accepted or denied. If applicant seeking membership is accepted and voted in as a member, the letter shall direct the applicant to attend the next regularly scheduled business meeting.

Persons seeking membership must receive at least ⅔ majority vote by secret ballot of the entire squad body excluding the Chief, unless there is a tie and a breaking vote is needed. If ⅔ majority vote is not received, the applicant shall not be accepted or permitted to submit another application for a period of six (6) months. 

Persons seeking active membership must obtain and maintain certifications in the following areas:

•    American Red Cross First Aid or higher Tennessee Medical Certification
•    Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS) Vehicle Extrication Course Certification (including blood borne pathogens)
•    American Heart Association CPR (Health Care Provider)
•    GCVRS or TARS approved Emergency Vehicle Defensive Training (EVDT; previously known  as EVOC-Emergency Vehicle Operation Course)
•    NIMS (National Incident Management Systems) 100, 200, 700 and 800.
•    Hazmat Awareness
•    TIMS (Traffic Incident Management Systems)

All members must maintain a current/valid State of Tennessee vehicle operator’s license. Each member, upon acceptance, shall be furnished with an ID badge and patches. Rescue Squad Building keys will be issued when the Chief deems it necessary.

Pagers/Portable radios shall be furnished, when available, to active members. GCVRS equipment issued to a member shall remain property of GCVRS. Any member leaving GCVRS for any reason shall immediately return any and all equipment over to an officer of the Executive Committee. Active membership status shall consist of two phases: “Trainee” and “Active” member.

GCVRS will not discriminate against any member or applicant for membership based on race, color, religion, physical handicap, or national origin.


A.        Trainee Member

            A trainee is a member who has not yet completed all required training. During the “Trainee” phase, all persons shall be on six (6) months’ probation. During this time the Trainee can be voted out for any reason. After the required six (6) month probation period has expired, the Deputy Chief shall request for a motion to accept the Trainee as an Active Member. During the probationary period the Trainee shall not be permitted to vote on any matter, a Trainee will have no voting rights. The Trainee must take all required training within one (1) year if offered, unless hindered by employment and/or personal matters. Employment and personal matter exemptions must be approved by the Chief and/or Deputy Chief prior to the scheduled event.

B.        Active Member

        An Active Member is defined as a member who has completed the required training and has received the required ⅔ majority vote, as well as, been accepted by the squad from a formal motion upon completion of the six (6) month probationary period. 

        All new active members will have to train three (3) months with a member of the training committee. All members are to obtain and maintain current certifications for full membership. Members whose certifications have expired are to be given a three (3) month grace period to re-certify. It will be the individual’s responsibility to regain valid certification. It will be the responsibility of the GCVRS to offer the training needed to maintain the minimum certifications. If the member does not re-certify in the required time limit without valid and pre-approved justification by the Executive Committee then the active member shall be brought before the Membership Committee for dismissal. The Executive Committee may grant an extension in the event that the required classes are not offered six (6) months from the expiration date. 

        If during that time the member does not achieve the required training, the member shall be brought before the Executive Committee for a review of their “Active” membership status. Should any member cause any conflict between other members of GCVRS, or any assisting agencies, in any way cause harm to the GCVRS or its reputation, the member shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee.

C.        Inactive
        Any member in good standing who has been an active member for a period of five (5) consecutive years or more, and is currently serving as a GCVRS member, may appear at a regularly scheduled meeting and request to be transferred to “inactive” status under the direction of the presiding officer. A ⅔ majority vote by the squad members present is required. If approved, he/she will be required to turn in their GCVRS issued equipment. A member may also become inactive for medical and/or other reasons. The five (5) year period may be waived at the discretion of the presiding officer. The Executive Committee will review all scenarios on a case by case basis. An inactive member may be reinstated as an active member by request at a regularly scheduled meeting. Upon receipt of such request a ⅔ majority vote of the members present is required for a change in duty status to become valid. Should any member, of any duty status cause any conflict between other members of the squad, of assisting agencies, in any way which would be detrimental to the squad or its reputation, the member shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee.

        The changes to a member who has been placed in an inactive status on the ground of a criminal charge is to be placed inactive. This includes turning in all squad equipment, be forbidden from wearing any article that represents the GCVRS, be barred from squad property, be barred from answering calls and being on scene, may not attend a squad function/meeting. Once the matter is resolved (i.e. dismissed, misdemeanor, dropped) the individual may request to be placed back in an active role and equipment returned to person. Any violation of this clause shall be considered grounds for dismissal entirely.

D.         Lifetime
        Lifetime membership shall be awarded after fifteen (15) years of consecutive service. A member qualified for lifetime membership shall not have taken more than six (6) months leave at one time during the fifteen (15) year period. Lifetime members must be advised of any changes to the by-laws before the changes have taken place. Lifetime members will have a voice in squad business and retain their voting rights. Lifetime members are NOT required to attend meetings and fundraisers and do NOT have to be active in the squad to maintain their rights. Lifetime members are exempt from training. 

        GCVRS will pay TARS membership dues for the lifetime of the member and the member will be awarded a plaque. Should any member, of any duty status cause any conflict between other members of the squad, of assisting agencies, in any way which would be detrimental to the squad or its reputation, the member shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee.

E.         Honorary 

        An Honorary Member is defined as anyone who serves GCVRS in such a manner as to promote its functions and to assist the squad in ways other than being or having full active membership. All nominations for honorary membership will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and recommended to the squad body present for a ⅔ majority vote. Honorary members will have no voting rights. Should any member, of any duty status cause any conflict between other members of the squad, of assisting agencies, in any way which would be detrimental to the squad, the member shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee.

F.    Auxiliary

    Auxiliary Members are members of another department that, in the event of needed manpower and assistance, may be called upon by the highest ranking member answering the call to service. Auxiliary Members must complete an Auxiliary Member Application and said application must be reviewed by the Executive Committee, reviewed by the Chief and put forth for deliberation and a vote, requiring ⅔ majority vote of members present, at a regularly scheduled meeting, to be approved. These members shall have no voting rights. These members are subject to dismissal at any time by the Chief, Deputy Chief, or the Unit Director (consensus of the three, ⅔ majority) or by a motion carried by a ⅔ majority vote of the squad body at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 2


    Lifetime members shall have their TARS dues paid by GCVRS. All members will pay their dues to GCRS each year at the appropriate time. Failure to pay dues will be grounds for dismissal.

    TARS dues are to be paid by individuals by the last meeting in January unless other arrangements are made. Cost is at state level and presently at $12.00 a year. Cost may be adjusted for future years in the event of state increase or deemed necessary by GCVRS Executive Committee. Lifetime members are still exempt from paying dues as GCVRS covers their dues. 

    Each member, regardless of rank, shall be required to pay a fee of $30 (thirty-dollars) for the equipment issued to them. This money shall be refunded to the member if the member quits or dismissed and only once all GCVRS equipment has been returned and in a satisfactory state.

Section 3

Leave of Absence:

        If a member is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a period of time due to illness, family situation, work, or school, he/she may request a leave of absence from membership. This request must be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing and require a ⅔ majority of the said committee. The leave of absence shall be for less than one (1) year. If more time is needed, a second leave must be applied for. Time spent on leave will not count towards active time in regards to membership tenure with GCVRS.

Section 4

Military Leave:

        Any member called to or enlisting on active duty in the Armed Forces will be granted an automatic Military Leave of Absence for the duration of this active period. Member will not be required to pay dues while member is on active duty in the Armed Forces. Member must return 6 months after discharge to continue membership with GCVRS. Military leave will not count as active membership with GCVRS.

Section 5

Conduct of Members:

A.    Members of GCVRS shall conduct themselves, at all times, to command respect of the general public.
B.    Members shall not partake in any activity of GCVRS while in an intoxicated state or under the influence of any drugs and/or intoxicant.
C.    No uniform, hat, t-shirt, or any other squad insignia will be worn by any member while purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverage(s).
D.    Any member charged/convicted of a felony shall be brought before the Executive Committee for investigation and automatic dismissal from GCVRS.
E.    A GCVRS member shall not allow any non-member to use their building key, ID, uniform, and/or any other squad equipment. Sexual misconduct will not be tolerated at the building.
F.    Members shall maintain a clean, neat dress uniform at all times and maintain a neat, clean appearance while wearing said uniform.
G.    Appropriate uniforms will be worn at all times when on GCVRS business; not necessarily when on emergencies and/or during training.
H.    Members with a conceal to carry a permit and who have a weapon on his/her person must ensure the weapon is not seen by the general public and no other person has access to the weapon while serving in a first responder role for the GCVRS and must abide by the rule governing regulations on squad grounds. 
I.    Female members, if for any reason, feel uncomfortable speaking about female issues with the Chief or Deputy Chief (in the event both officers are male) may select a female of any officer rank to speak with on issues pertaining to their sex in reference to their absence at any given function/meeting/call to action/etc..). The female officer must then give notice to the Chief or Deputy Chief.

Section 6

Rescue Squad License Plates

    Each active GCVRS member is to be issued Rescue Squad vehicle registration plates by the Grainger County Clerk at his/her own discretion/expense after the trainee period is complete. If a member resigns or is dismissed from GCVRS, the member’s plates shall be turned in to the clerk’s office within ten (10) days. Per the laws of the State of Tennessee and the Association of Rescue Squads

Section 7

Misuse of Equipment:

    Any member willfully destroying or misusing any equipment or property of GCVRS shall be subject to immediate dismissal by the Chief or any other officer in his/her absence. Legal actions may be taken for restitution for damages as a result of misuse of equipment or vandalism.

Section 8

Dismissal of Members: (see Article XIV, Section I)

A.    Should any member commit an infraction of any bylaw, miss three (3) consecutive meetings, two (2) consecutive squad functions, or disregard of any regulation stated in these bylaws; upon proper complaint the members name should be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration of dismissal and present their decision to the squad body.
B.    Should any member, of any duty status cause any conflict between other members of the squad, of assisting agencies, in any way which would be detrimental to the squad, the member shall be dismissed by the Executive Committee.
C.    Should any members be found to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the member shall be dismissed immediately by the Chief or Deputy Chief.
D.    Should any member use profane, obscene, or threatening language to a patient, family, general public, or other squad member, they shall be dismissed immediately by the Chief or Deputy Chief.
E.    Insubordination, back talking, or smart remarks from any member when given a direct order from any officer, will NOT be tolerated. Any member being insubordinate to an officer, OR any officer being insubordinate to another officer will be reprimanded using the disciplinary guideline and brought before the Executive Committee for review.
F.    A person that is dismissed from the squad has the right to appeal in writing or in person within thirty (30) days as to bring proof of matter of their defense as to why they are dismissed from squad and should be reinstated.
G.    If any member is charged and convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanor (i.e. a charge that is defined as putting another person in harms way), should be brought before the Executive Committee and investigated and course of action be taken. 
H.    If a conflict between persons arises, the persons, whether in the squad or not, must either come personally or via certified letter, if non-member, with the name of individual and make complaint to the Executive Committee and an action taken by the Executive Committee be brought before the body of the squad with its decision. 

Article IV


Section 1

Business Meetings and Squad Funtions:

    The GCVRS shall meet on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. (1900 hours) for a business meeting. A regular business meeting shall be opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In the event any business being discussed shall take an extended amount of time, the presiding officer shall, at his/her discretion, submit it to a committee for action and for said committee to report at the next regular business meeting. Any member missing three (3) consecutive meetings without justification will be dismissed. In the event of the Chief and Deputy Chief not being in attendance, the meeting shall be cancelled or rescheduled.

    All members that are going to miss a meeting should contact the Chief or the Deputy Chief before the meeting to ensure that the person is covered for absent time. 

    A squad function is classified as any kind of callout or fundraiser. Any members missing two (2) consecutive squad functions without justification shall be dismissed.

    Officers meetings are to be held monthly on the first meeting night at 6:00 p.m. (1800 hours) unless changed by the Chief and a twenty-four (24) hour notice is given if possible. 

Section 2

Work Night:

    All active members of GCVRS must commit to four (4) hours per month for work sessions. These may be applied at each member’s convenience, if unable to attend the regularly scheduled work night which will be posted on the bulletin board in the meeting room; all members will fill out log sheet at each work session. These sessions may be used for vehicle, equipment, and/or building maintenance, as well as training. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE VEHICLES, OTHER THAN WASHING THEM, WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE CAPTAIN. All vehicle maintenance must be logged in by the Captain. DO NOT EVEN OPEN THE HOOD. Before removing an apparatus from the building to be washed/detailed, the member must notify the Chief and/or Deputy Chief. NO non-member shall have access to any apparatus owned by GCVRS at any time.

    The Executive Committee, per Section I, will review absences and the ability to complete these hours.

Section 3

Special Called Meetings:

    The Chief may call a special meeting of the squad. Time, Date, and agenda must be posted by the Chief or Deputy Chief prior to the meeting within twenty-four (24) hours’ notice if possible. Inactive members that have been attending regularly scheduled meetings shall be notified also. Only items listed on the agenda will be considered for debate and discussion at a special meeting.

Article V


Section 1

Terms of Office:

    GCVRS officers will be nominated and elected at the regularly scheduled meeting on the third (3rd) Tuesday of November of each year. The term shall be from January 1st of the following year to December 31st of that same year, 365 days.

Section 2

Vacancy of Office:

    If a vacancy in the Chain of Command occurs during their term of office, that vacancy shall be filled by a ⅔ majority vote of the squad body at the regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 3

Election Rules:

    The Chief shall preside over elections. All members not eligible to vote may be present but may not vote. The Chief may not vote, except in the event of a tie, in which case the Chief’s vote will be the breaking vote. Elections will be decided by a simple majority vote. In the event of the absence of the Chief, the Deputy Chief shall preside over the elections and in which case the Deputy Chief shall hold no voting rights. The Chief and 2nd Lieutenant may not be husband and wife or closely related to prevent the appearance of impropriety and/or conflict within the squad. In the election of officers, a person needs to be nominated by another member, and if a member is not attending the meeting on election night, that member cannot be nominated for a position. 


Article VI


Section 1

Enumeration of Officers:

    The officers shall consist of the following: Chief, Deputy Chief, Unit Director, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant and Chaplain. Every office is subject to audit at any time.


        The Chief must be a member in good standing with GCVRS, and have served for a period of no less than one (1) full term on the Executive Committee as an officer. The Chief shall preside over all GCVRS meetings and is responsible for all work of GCVRS and its members. The Chief shall appoint special committees as needed. The Chief will serve as liaison between GCVRS and all other agencies and media. The Chief is 1st in the Chain of Command.

    Deputy Chief:

        The Deputy Chief is in charge of new membership and shall be chair of said committee. This committee shall have no more than three (3) members. In the absence of the Chief, the Deputy Chief shall assume all duties of the Chief. The Deputy Chief will also maintain social media for GCVRS alongside the Chief and the IT Administrator. The Deputy Chief is 2nd in the Chain of Command.

        The Captain is in charge of all equipment, ensuring all equipment is clean, maintenance is kept up, and is ready for use at all times. The Captain may appoint an equipment committee to assist in keeping maintenance current on all equipment. The Captain may also assist in training members of equipment usage. In the absence of the Chief and Deputy Chief, the Captain shall assume the duties of the aforementioned officers. The Captain is 4th in the Chain of Command.

    Unit Director:
        The Unit Director shall be the correspondent between GCVRS and the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS). The Unit Director will vote at all TARS meetings and will report to GCVRS after each TARS meeting. If unable to attend TARS meeting, the Unit Director will appoint a representative and send a written proxy. The Unit Director shall maintain training files and certification dates and make aware the Chief and Deputy Chief of all certification expiration dates and/or members needing certain certifications. The Unit Director shall also serve as a liaison between GCVRS and all outsiders and media. The Unit Director is 3rd in the Chain of Command.

    1st Lieutenant: 

        The 1st Lieutenant shall record all proceedings and activities of the GCRS at business meetings. The 1st Lieutenant shall preserve all records to the operation of GCVRS. He/she shall present a written and recording of each meeting. The 1st Lieutenant shall also be responsible of making a 3-ring binder of the minutes for viewing. He/she shall send all correspondences concerning squad duty. The 1st Lieutenant shall also make a photo copy of regular meetings minutes and provide such to the IT Administrator for publication on the GCVRS Forums. The 1st Lieutenant is 5th in the Chain of Command.

    2nd Lieutenant: 

        The 2nd Lieutenant shall maintain all financial records of GCVRS. He/she along with the Chief shall be responsible for all GCVRS funds. He/she will pay all bills authorized, by GCVRS checks. He/she will deposit all funds in a bank whose deposits are guaranteed by the FDIC. He/she shall present a detailed report at every meeting for viewing by the squad body. The 2nd Lieutenant is 6th in the Chain of Command.


        The Chaplain will lead GCVRS prayers. He/She will give comfort to the families of victims as needed. He/She shall provide Christian ministry to GCVRS members and their families if requested.

***Order of Elections***

Officers are to be elected in the following order:

1.    2nd Lieutenant
2.    1st Lieutenant
3.    Captain
4.    Unit Director
5.    Deputy Chief
6.    Chief

    The Chief shall preside over the election. The Chief may not vote except in the event of a tie in which case the Chief’s vote will be the breaking vote. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot, simple ⅔ majority vote decides winner. In the election of officers, a person needs to be nominated by another member, and if a member is not attending the meeting on election night, that member cannot be nominated for a position. At the time the Chief is to be voted upon, the current Deputy Chief shall assume control over the elections.

Article VII


Section 1

1.     No GCVRS funds will be paid out unless authorized by the Chief and the Executive Committee, other than regular day-to-day expenses. This authorization must be obtained prior to the purchase of any item, whether it be charged or paid with cash. The only exception will be EMERGENCY repair of squad vehicles, if the Chief and 2nd Lieutenant are not available. (Every attempt must be made to get authorization before taking it upon yourself.)
2.    The Chief and 2nd Lieutenant may authorize all vehicle maintenance, emergency repairs, and GCVRS missions up to $200.00 without approval.
3.    All expenses in excess of $1,000.00 must be brought before the squad body for approval. The Chief shall have the authority, after consultation of the Executive Committee via phone or other means of direct contact, to make purchases of equipment the GCVRS is in need of up to $1,000.00.  If it is necessary to expand funds and it cannot wait until the regularly scheduled meeting, the Chief may call an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee.

Section 2


    The Chaplain or 1st Lieutenant may purchase flowers for funerals of GCVRS members or their immediate family, including husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, sister, or brother; not to exceed $50. They may purchase flowers or fruit baskets, not to exceed $35 for members who are in the hospital for more than a twenty-four (24) hour period.

Section 3


    GCVRS shall pay expenses related to missions for members while on a GCVRS mission. It will pay for mission expenses for members of other rescue squads who participate in a mission inside Grainger County. This will be done under the direction of the Chief. The Chief and Unit Director will be paid for expenses related to all TARS functions. Including but not limited to Chief and Unit Director meetings and conventions.

Section 4

Gas Reimbursement:

    GCVRS may pay for fuel for personal vehicles used on a mission as long as the vehicle transports more than one member and NO GCVRS vehicles are available. This reimbursement will be under the direction of the Chief only.

Section 5


    Any call to action and/or mission must be documented legibly using the appropriate report and must be completed in its entirety. Once completed each report will be reviewed by the Deputy Chief. If inconsistencies are found, the report in question will be brought before the Executive Committee for review and determination of actions to be taken, if any.


Article VIII


Section 1

Executive Committee:

    The Executive Committee shall consist of the Deputy Chief, Captain, Unit Director, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant and two (2) active members. The Deputy Chief shall be the chair of the committee and shall call meetings of the committee whenever he/she deems appropriate.

Section 2

Membership Committee

    The Deputy Chief shall act as the chair of this committee and shall appoint two (2) other active members to act with him/her. These appointments shall be for a one year term. Duties of the committee shall be to investigate thoroughly any applicants for membership, check on delinquent members, and make reports of their findings to the Executive Committee and GCVRS.

Section 3

Equipment Committee:

    The Captain shall be the chair of this committee and shall appoint two (2) other active members to serve with him/her on this committee. They shall be in charge of maintenance of all GCVRS equipment as well as keeping records of maintenance. They will be in charge of taking an annual inventory each January and reporting on that inventory to the Executive Committee and GCVRS. This committee may also assist in the training of said equipment.

Section 4

Training Committee:

    The Unit Director shall be the chair of this committee and shall appoint two (2) other active members to serve with him/her. The committee shall be responsible for training certifications of all GCVRS members. This committee shall maintain training files and make the Chief and Deputy Chief aware of any member whose certifications are about to expire or any member that is in need of a certification. 

Article IX


Section 1

Dress Uniforms:

    The dress uniform (Class A) shall consist of OD Green pants, black shoes/boots, white uniform shirt (long or short sleeved).

Patch placement shall be as follows:

•    Left Sleeve Top         GCVRS patch (Years of Service Optional)
•    Right Sleeve Top        United States Flag
•    Right Sleeve Bottom    Highest degree of medical training
•    Above left pocket        TARS patch and GCVRS badge (optional)
•    Above right pocket    Nameplate or ID, TARS extrication patch

A squad member SHALL NOT wear any piece of the squad uniform at any time except when on duty, with, or on behalf of the squad. If worn, squad shirt and member must be presentable and respectable and not be in present in a place/situation that would tarnish the reputation of the GCVRS. A squad member should have their uniform within six (6) months of gaining active membership status. A Class B uniform shall consist of GCVRS t-shirt or polo, OD green pants or shorts (BDU style) and black boots.

Section 3

Dress Code:

    A GCVRS approved work uniform, coveralls, t-shirt, or GCVRS identification shall be worn whenever possible on the scene of a call or when on standby. Dress uniform will be worn to all TARS functions, funerals, etc…

Article X

General Rules:

1.    All GCVRS members shall serve without compensation.
2.    To drive a GCVRS vehicle emergency traffic, member must be twenty-five (25) years of age, have and maintain a valid Tennessee operators license, and have taken and passed a GCVRS approved EVDT course. An officer may designate drivers under the age of twenty-five (25) for special circumstances.
3.    Upon arrival to a call, each member will report to the officer in command.
4.    Keys, patches, squad identification, pagers, and any other equipment issued by GCVRS will remain the property of the GCVRS and will be returned upon request of the Chief or Deputy Chief.
5.    In the event that GCVRS services are called for outside of Grainger County, the Chief shall determine if the call shall be answered, which personnel should respond, and how much equipment is to be used. Grainger County shall always be first priority of the GCVRS services.
6.    GCVRS members shall NOT discuss GCVRS business outside of the squad.
7.    Any member present at the occurrence of an emergency is to immediately take such action as the occasion demands. Within the bounds of common sense and judgment, and according to the level of training he/she has obtained.
8.    No equipment shall be used for personal reasons. No emergency equipment is to leave the building unless on a mission.
9.    Radio communications shall be for GCVRS business only.
10.     Having a radio call number is a privilege, not a right. GCVRS will furnish officers with radios for GCVRS use. Members who own radios will be assigned a GCVRS radio call number if available.
11.     Red lights and siren are used in an emergency ONLY and only on GCVRS vehicles with approved members in vehicle.
12.     All GCVRS vehicles must stop at all red lights and stop signs even while running emergency traffic. Pay attention to speed if you are driving GCVRS vehicles. You do NOT have permission to drive carelessly; you must drive in a safe manner. (See Emergency Vehicle Guidelines)
13.     GCVRS members may NOT run red lights and siren on personal vehicles responding to GCVRS calls, even if it is permitted to do so by another agency.
14.     When in the GCVRS boat, a life jacket must be worn at all times (See Water Rescue Guidelines). Hats are to be removed upon recovery of a body.
15.     When on scene, obey the officer’s directives. If no officer is present, the most senior member on scene must assume command until relieved.
16.     Alcohol and the use of such as strictly prohibited in the building, on the grounds, or in the vehicles of GCVRS.
17.     The Chief or the highest ranking officer shall dismiss any members answering an emergency call while using alcohol and/or drugs immediately and remove that member from the scene.
18.     GCVRS will furnish the Chief a vehicle to drive when available. This vehicle may be taken home so the GCVRS will have a vehicle to respond immediately to an emergency and to conduct GCVRS business as needed.
19.     On the scene of a wreck or rescue, unless you have approved medical training, DO NOT make physical contact with the patient/patients unless directed to do so by someone with approved medical training. If you are aware a certain person on scene making patient contact has no medical training, it is your duty to report such activity to the highest medically qualified individual and officer on scene. Failure to report may result in disciplinary action taken against you.
20.     Only members with Emergency Medical Responder training or above will respond to first responder calls. A non-EMR may respond, and should, to bring the assigned EMR apparatus to the scene. Lift assist calls do not apply. Any member may respond to a lift assist.
21.     Junior members will go to the scene NON-EMERGENCY. If they go POV (personally owned vehicle) they must obey all traffic laws and follow the posted speed limit. On the scene they will report to the officer in charge and remain in the cold zone (at least fifteen (15) feet from the scene). Junior members may assist with tool and equipment staging, crowd control, traffic control, and many other duties.

Article XI


    These bylaws may be amended, appealed, or added to by ⅔ majority vote of members at a regularly scheduled business meeting, to be voted on or appealed.

Article XII

Section 1

General Liability:

    No officer or member of the squad or any other person shall contact or incur any debt on behalf of GCVRS or in any way render it able to promise financial support of any charity or any other obligation without the approval of the GCVRS members (⅔ majority vote).

Section 2

Immunity of the Organization:

    No member of the GCVRS, officer, or member of its committees, shall be personally liable.

Article XIII

Section I

Specialty Teams/Class

    Any special team (i.e. Swiftwater, EMR, Low Angle Rescue and SAR, etc..) shall have a team leader appointed by the Chief. Team Leaders are charged with maintaining their respective equipment and team member certifications, alongside the Chief. All special teams still fall under the chain of command. The IT (Information Technology) administrator shall be appointed by the Chief and Deputy Chief.

GCVRS E-Mail and Website

    Upon completion of the six (6) month probationary period and subsequent acceptance of membership by ⅔ majority vote of the squad body, said member shall be issued a email address by the IT (Information Technology) administrator. GCVRS email shall not be used for any reason other than squad business. The Chief and/or Deputy Chief may expedite this section as they deem necessary. The website shall be maintained by the IT administrator.


Article XIV

Disciplinary Guideline

Section I

    The GCVRS Disciplinary Guideline shall consist of a Member Disciplinary Action Report. In the event of a bylaw infraction, an officer must complete, in its entirety, a Member Disciplinary Action Report and submit said report to the Executive Committee for investigation and deliberation on what action, if any, is to be taken. Steps the Executive Committee have at their disposal are, but not limited to, and not necessarily in the following order: 

•    Counseling
•    Verbal Warning
•    Written Warning
•    Suspension
•    Dismissal

*In the event of a suspension, the Executive Committee retains the right to freely choose the amount of days and to what extent the suspension will be carried out.

Article XV

Section I 

Emergency Vehicle Guidelines

•    Emergency Apparatus Operation

    Any GCVRS member answering a call to action in any GCVRS apparatus must adhere to training received from a GCVRS approved EVDT course. If emergency traffic, visible red/white/amber lights and an audible siren must be activated when responding. Upon arrival the siren is to be shut off and emergency lights are to remain activated. Upon clearing the scene, the emergency lights are to be terminated.

Section II 

•    POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) Guidelines

    Any GCVRS member answering a call to action in a POV must adhere to all motor vehicle laws of the State of Tennessee. No member shall activate emergency lights, including, but not limited to, four way flashers or any other visible emergency light(s) or siren while responding in a POV. Upon scene arrival, and the POV coming to a complete stop, member may activate emergency lights to make aware their location and for scene safety, if the situation calls for such. 

May 21, 2016
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